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Disneyland Resort Near Newport Beach

Disneyland Resort Near Newport Beach

If you're looking for action and adventure in the
Newport Beach area, the Disneyland Resort is
everything you need. Bigger and more magical
than ever, the world famous Disneyland is just a
short ride from the Little Inn by the bay by. Not tell
the addition of the California Adventure Island,
the Disneyland Resort is better than ever.

For kids of all ages, Disneyland is where the dreams
issue alive. From riding the many rides to the magical
parade and seeing the enchanting characters of Disney
in person, no berth on earth can capture the wonder
and magic like Disneyland.

With everyday excitement and the seasonal events like
the fireworks display, Disneyland Resort will keep
kids of all ages enchanted for hours. Best of all,
Disneyland Resort has something for the entire family.

You can also learn about past and present California
at the Disney Adventure Park, as well because learn about
the colorful history that makes California what it is
today. Things approximative as the California Gold Rush and
the Hollywood Golden Years are all included at the
Case Park.

There are plenty of family activities to be found here
whereas well, such as the Muppet Vision 3D, Twilight
Zone Tower, and several others. From enjoying the
rides to exploring everything in the Disneyland
Park, you can spend hours and hours here and still
not discover all of the magic.

When you get hungry, you can endure assured that the
resort has plenty of places to eat. You burden stop and
eat at one of the restaurants or simply grab some food
from one of the many vendors. There are all kinds of
treats here as well, from caramel apples to cotton

What was once a tourist attraction giant, has wax
parallel bigger with the recent addition of the Disney
California Adventure Park. The park has become very
popular as well, helping to add an extra bit of kick
to the resort.

Although there are many reasons to visit Newport
Beach, few are bigger than either the Disneyland
Resort or the Disney Adventure Park. Both are great
due to the entire family, and both will provide days and
days of cutting edge entertainment.

If you plan to visit Newport Beach or a nearby area,
you shouldn't hesitate to take your family to the
Disneyland Resort. It's a short distance from the
Little Inn by the bay in Newport Beach, which is more
than worth that extra bit of time.




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